vrijdag 27 januari 2012

Black and White Animal Portraits.

It has been a while since I uploaded on this blog. It's so much work to sort out the pictures from our holiday. After all the coloured shots I wanted to do something different. So I made a small serie in black and white. I hope you will enjoy it. All pictures of these African animals are made in Tanzania too.

Have a nice weekend!

donderdag 3 november 2011

Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro krater

Finally some time to post a new blog about my trip. I promised to continue with Lake Manyara on the savanna. Here you find zebra's, wildebeast (gnoes) and Giraffes.
It is such a great sight to see giraffes running. It's like a slowmotion. On the savanna 5 giraffes were 
playing with each other. Just running around all the time. But also slamming with there necks. That's not a pretty site. Unfortunately I have no picture of that. They were too far away.

After The Manyare Lake National Park we visited the Ngorongoro krater. What an amazing place. It's so beautiful. When you arrive you have to drive on the rim to the lodge. We had a great lodge with an great vieuw. I will show you the vieuw later. Coming from a warm place driving up to the rim the weather starts to change. Fog is covering the way always in the morning. It's a beautiful sight.... well not much sight. Very mysterious.

The only road on the rim of the crater which goes all around. It is also the way to get to the serengeti.
And when you are in the crater this is what you see if you are lucky. The krater is awaking. It was very cloudy and suddenly the clouds burst open and sunrays were lighting the clouds and the crater. I just hold my breath.......it was soooo beautiful.
We arrived there very early in the morning and the first thing we saw were some lions who were heavy breathing because the just had their brackfast. It was still a bit dark.
Just like cats they look so cute but meanwhile ....
A few meters further from the road a young male was watching the 'valley' just in front of him. It was a dry river and a lot of growling was coming out of it. He didn't dare to go in so we think a older male was there with a prey. Jackals were watching the lions.
Ngorongoro Krater will be continued......

dinsdag 27 september 2011

Lake Manyara National Park Part 1

A lot of People pass this beautiful park because they are in a hurry to get to the Serengeti. We decided upfront that we didn't want to go to the Serengeti because it wasn't the right time and we prefered to go to less touristic parks in the north and south. We didn't regret this decision for a moment. It was really beautiful. Not only we visited the park by car but the day after we also had a ride on a mountainbike through the park, mostly on the open area near the saltlake. That was so amazing. Only on a bike,  just enjoying the giraffes,wildebeast and zebra's with no camera between us. Amazing.
The parks is not big. Only 330km2. 2/3 of the park is water but at this moment the lake was dry for a big part. Around the park you have mountains. If you enter the park you go through forest with high vegetation and trees. In this part of the park you mostly see birds and monkey's. 
Blauwe meerkat

Velvet Monkey(groene meerkat)
Me?......I did not eat the green stuff.........

After the forest the area has a lot of bushes. There you'll vind a lot of bushboks, antilopes, dikdiks.
 Dikdik Antilope
The dikdik is a very small kind of Antilope. They always live in couples. If you see one the other one has to be around. 
 Baby impala covered with flies
If you move further you leave the forest area and it will change into a dry flat area with at the side mountains and baobab trees. 
Also called (upside down tree) because it looks like the roots are in the air.
Baobab tree
 Beautiful nest of weaver birds
On the savanne area you will find, wildebeast (gnoes), buffelo's zebra's and giraffes. This I will show you in my next blog so it........... will be continued.

maandag 19 september 2011

Arusha continues

The walk went to a small waterfall surrounded with trees with enourmous roots. An amazing sight. 
In the afternoon we also made a great canoe excursion over one of the alkaline lakes. Heavy wind and it was hard to keep the camera dry while peddeling. But is was great. We saw more giraffes at the side of the lake and waterboks. Even a flamingo.
Later in the afternoon while we were driving.... in the far distance the air and water coloured pink of the flamingo's. 
While we were driving towards the craterpoint we were lucky to see the very shy long haired black and white monkeys in the darkness of the trees.
That was a great day in Arusha national park.


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